Sunday, May 23, 2010

Backyard Bugo Highlighted a Glorious Day

Glorious day today.

Early morning 2.5 miles with David. Then, showered and  took David to Sunday school. I spent ninety minutes working and drinking very strong coffee coffee.

Then lunch at our favorite, California Pizza Kitchen. I had the waldorf salad. In the afternoon, David and I biked around Pompano Airpark with stops at the stables and Starbucks.  Then, needing something to do, we had mid afternoon backyard bugo, lots of  pool time, and then some light soccer in the driveway in the evening.

Post-candidate normalcy is sweet.

My son's sparing is fearsome. Fast, good kicks, and sweet combinations.  As a coach, I was pushing three points:

  1. Keep the left hand up at head height.  Left hand up!
  2. Jab straight, break the backfist habbit.
  3. Don't  stand flat, stay sideways.
  4. When you hook, don't start by dropping your hand. This is really a repeat of number one.
A note on our equipment. We wore shins, gloves, mouth guards, and cups.  That really seems enough to avoid accidental injury.  It's not clear to me why we need the feet, whether the chest protector really does much, and whether the head gear encourages sloppy defense.  I do see the benefit of the head guard for protection against hooks and head kicks though. 

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I really Martial Arts can teach many things, especially skills and values to kids. Nice post!