Friday, April 23, 2010

Soreness and Stiffness - What works and how?

I'm working out hard these days and, being of a certain age, I tend to be stiff and sore. Any insights into how to avoid stiffness and what soreness and stiffness are really about? I know they have something to do with lactic acid build-up.

Here's a few therapies that I use or have used. Anybody know which are snake oil and what they actually do?
  1. Heat rubs like IcyHot or Bengay Rub
  2. Soaking in the jacuzzi -
  3. Electric treatment at the chiropractor
  4. Ultrasound at the chiro
  5. Deep tissue massage


Mike said...

I did something to my left hip during a workout that left me hobbling around for a couple of days. I put some icyhot on it and it seemed to help a bit, but it didn't really feel right again until after my next workout. Icyhot's good because it's got an anesthetic in it, but I wouldn't say I was jumping up and down (figuratively or literally) about the results. I do think it was better than NOT using it, though. Hope that helps!

BBat50 said...

My chiropractor says that the electric thing creates lots of little muscle spasms that loosens the muscle and increases circulation that takes out the lactic acid. The heat rubs and massage do essentially the same thing. The ultra sound does the same thing but on a deeper layer of tissue. Anybody know if any of this is true or is it all snake oil?

Walt said...

There are those of us out here who realy appreciate the effort you have put into this site. Please keep it up. I am 68 years old and still striving to learn and succeed. My mountain may be just a little higher than yours but I have the same aches and pains as I move toward my goal.