Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nutrition - Whats a good training meal?

This and next week are peak performance week.  I'm wondering, what is the textbook answer to "What is the right meal to eat before a big class? What's the ideal way to warm up?"

In my case, before the big sessions, like the Saturday morning candidate class and run, I go through the same routine.  I'm up at 7am and I start drinking a lot of water. I eat lightly, usually two pieces of toast with Nutella and a banana.  I might drink a half class of juice (orange or grape) and I avoid coffee (although I'd really like a cup!)  I also spend about 10 minutes in a hot (102) jacuzzi to loosen up. I actually stretch in the jacuzzi. Then, I get dressed and get to the dojo for 30 minutes of light warm-up.The warm involves doing katas at half speed, some light calistenics, and stretching.

During class, I grab drinks which often add up to a full  liter bottle by the end of class. We have about a 20 minute break between class and the timed two-mile run. I'm usually ravenously hungry at that point. So, and htis is true,  I usually wolf down two frosted pop-tarts prior to the run.

So, what would be the ideal routine for a mature fellow like me who needs all the limberness and cardio help he can get.

This was an all-karate week.
Monday: Training class
Tuesday: A class mostly prepping for demo on Wednesday
Wednesday: Demo team performance plus, all the candidates, took the entire test with the students
Thursday: Bugo precheck. I had the honor of having Kyoshi standing there watching me for several matches.
Friday: Kata, basics, and self-defense precheck
Sat: Simple 2 mile run.

And YES, I finally beat the 14:00 time for two miles. I turned in a 13:52!!! For those of you haven't been following, I've been trying since I was a first degree candidate (three years ago), to break fourteen minutes on the two miles. Last cycle, I got a 14:08 and 14:09. I set the fourteen minute mile as a goal in 2008. This cycle, I had a 14:00 and 14:01.  Today, with no class before hand and a cool crisp morning, was pretty much my last chance to make it.  And I did.  Woo hoo!  David (son) hadn't come over this morning which is a shame since he's the one whose been following this closely with me.  But I am thrilled. Plus I'm regularly weighing in at 188 lbs (my goal was to get under 190).  So I'm a happy camper.

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Mike said...

Grats on breaking 14 minutes!