Saturday, April 10, 2010

All systems go!

I had a great candidate class this morning. I could kick with both legs (ie my hamstring strain is behind me) and I could pushups (my shoulder is better).  The class was mostly katas and being a total karate nerd, this plays to my strong suit.  I felt healthy and fit and ran a 14:35.  Now that I can train again, I might yet work it down to under 14:00.  

John & Carmen Edelson 
Next weekend is mini-Power Weekend (a new concept). Thursday is a sparring check, Friday is a kata check (hmmm, where's the self defense going to fit it?), and Saturday morning is "running and more".   It can't be too much more since I'm just wearing running stuff. 

The following weekend is the Mega Power Weekend. And then onto prep for the spectacular. Party planning is coming along nicely.

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David Walker said...

I would like to thank you for putting this blog out. My name is David Walker from SCS Sports Karate in Daphne, AL.. Our teacher is Sam Boyer. I am 39 yrs. old and was doubting my abilities at my age, then I read this site and now im testing for blue belt tonight. You inspired me to take this journey to black and beyond!