Thursday, January 14, 2010

Combat Kenpo - Series One and Two

As 2009 ended and 2010 starts, our curriculum has returned towards traditional kenpo basics.  In addition to a focus on the details for the Appreciation Form, Short One, and Long One (eg the downward Y block starts above the shoulder and the block is outside arm!), we are being introduced to a series of combat kenpo moves, reflecting Kyoshi's and our school's kenpo base.

The Combat Kenpo Form (is that the proper name?) is a three part series of  four attacks and defenses (we've learned two so far) structured around the  four blocks: inward, outward, upward, and downward.

Combat Kenpo - Series One -  One person. 

Combat Kenpo - Series Two -  One person.

Combat Kenpo - Series One - Two People

Combat Kenpo - Series Two - Two People

If anyone feels that this needs editing or refining, I'd be grateful for the guidance.  Note that these demos are very impromptu and not definitive examples of all details.  If anyone  shoots  better video, put it on Youtube and tell me about it. I'll put it up.

Is Anybody Out there? Last thing (and I added this after the post had been up for two days) I was just wondering: is anybody out there? I'm a little thirsty for a comments to know that somebody is reading this...Just in case, I checked the Youtube stats on views of these videos:  There's about 80 total views: 20 views of each video on this page (they've been up two days). This could mean one person watched each video twenty times or eighty people watched one video each. I also looked at the stats on the video that I put up just before this one. The kama set video of Mr Mike that I put up at the end of Oct has 215 views. Since it is only one of three versions of kama set that I've posted, I guess there's my answer. Someone is watching.  Who are you?  Introduce yourself in the comments section. Even anonymously.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know - at least ONE person is reading! :-) I train at the Clay NY location under Master Theron Feidt. I was doing some research on Kyoshi and saw your blog on a Google search. Keep up the great posts!

Unknown said...

I am looking from the Fort Lauderdale Dojo. I am sure more are.

BBat50 said...

BlackBelt at 50 here... Last night was Candidate Check for us May candidates at MAUI. Big deal. Exciting night. I felt good but the initial feedback is that I need more push/pull on the bo form. Also, in a big surprise, Kyoshi started talking about the blog as part of the speech practically touting it as a resource. I'm flattered. I also think I'll spend an hour this afternoon and clean up some of the sloppiness that I let creep in. Osu.

Dave said...

Good job...I started at 48, tested for my 1st black at 53 (after a total knee replacement) and now hopefully will test for my second at nearly 55. It's tough for older folks to keep it going...but looks like your doing a great job. Even more important is that you have something to do with your son. My son is 13 and working hard for his 1st black belt test.

David Hairabedian said...

No, you are not alone - I found this page a few months ago, while looking for links to the short 1 kata, Just passed my 7th degree white, (shichikyu) test. I love the website & want to thank you for putting this information on the web where we can see the katas. I study under Shidoshi Phillip S. Wimberly, in Asheville, North Carolina. Osu - Dave H, A.C.K. Institute of Martial Arts Asheville, North Carolina.

BBat50 said...

David, I looked up the A.C.K Institute. You are a kenpo school descended from the Tracy brothers. Our school is a blended school which means while we have a kenpo base, I don't think that we follow a full kenpo curriculum.

Is our Short One Kata the same as yours?

And we don't have ranks of white belts. Our belts (as shown graphically on the blog) are white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, red, high red, and then black. Thanks for visiting.

m.a.l.s. said...

Its been a while but I'm back reading now. In fact I still need to catch up on your back posts. Personally, I like reading the posts more than watching videos.