Friday, August 14, 2009

BBat50 - How different our minds are!

I was just asked by a lady in the dojo if I still had that blog: B bat fifty. Now I have always thought of the name of the blog as Black Belt at, abbreviated to bb at 50. But it seems that it's easier for her to remember it as b bat fifty. It's funny how people see things differently.

I've just missed most of a week of training. I had back alignment problems and was at the chiropractor three times. Saturday morning, I'm back in Candidate class. It's bugo. I'm psyched. Wish me luck.

Oh, my site sponsor just reminded me that I haven't discussed them in awhile, here goes. A great homeschool curriculum is worthwhile, I'd go with because of it's strength in building reading comprehension skills. If you need help with online homeschool resources, go ask on a parents newsgroup forum. In Florida, there are many Florida homeschool support groups.


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Sue C said...

You are not the only one to have experienced a bit of confusion with a name! Someone thought my username, SueC, was pronounced 'Soo Ek' rather than Sue C (like Susie). The appended C is the initial of my middle name (which remains a secret!). Well, SueC seemed like a good idea at the time!