Sunday, July 05, 2009

Running Fun - My new new iphone

running app for iphone I got the latest and greatest Iphone 3G yesterday. One of the reasons was that I had heard it had sophisticated GPS integration with other functions, like stop watches. I was absurdly excited.

I had run my standard 2.5 miles on Friday and Saturday (NoTime & 20.33 respectively) but had used a regular stop watch to keep time. This morning, with great excitement, I downloaded an Iphone app called by Jay Wright for $.99.
The idea is that this app will not only keep time but it'll also keep track of my distance through GPS and then record it all on a website that I can access thru my iphone or computer, maybe even put a widget up on my own blog with my recent times. I'm sure that this app will do everything that I want in terms of tracking calories and weight (it did ask for my weight at set-up). I do expect that at some point I'll be paying a lot more than $.99 but that's OK, I've long wanted a convenient integrated solution for running.
Imagine my disappointment at the end of the run when I find that the app is only a stop watch, calculator (it asked me how far I had run!), and record-keeper. Which, don't me get me wrong, is great. It counts calories, keep records, and other stuff but it doesn't use GPS to automatically figure out distance which is what I'm really looking for.
I'm now in the Apple app store trying to find the perfect solution. Any ideas for me? So far, I've found:
iMapMyRide uses the built-in GPS in iPhone 3G to track and record every mile you ride
Anybody know whether the application that I want exists yet? Anybody want to develop it (I'll help finance)?
And there's a bunch of Nike apps that look like you require the right shoes to hook them up.
Oh, and this post is inspired by a great blog that I love to read about online homeschooling!


Jay Wright said...

Thank you for purchasing our app (track my pace). I sincerely appologize if you were misled to think this was a gps application. Our site and the iTunes app store should both clearly state this is a stop watch, in the traditional sense, but with included pace calculators and dynamic, real-time analysis. One must still click Lap and Finish to record laps, but the app will let you know if you are ahead of or behind pace, as well as how to adjust your pace to meet your goal.

There were a number of strategic reasons for not including GPS at the time, such as intermittent coverage, switching to other apps, or even turning the phone off between laps.

That being said, we have had discussions of including gps in a "deluxe" version (we'd continue to support our simple stop watch). If you are serious about funding an gps version, let me know.

Best, Jay Wright

BBat50 said...

BTW - the trackmypace app does exactly what it's description says. And it does it well. My issue was that I had imagined what I wanted the app to do and didn't bother to read the description. Heck, it's only $.99.

I am still looking for a iphone app that is a combined stop watch and gps giving me time, pace, and recording keeping. Any ideas?