Saturday, July 04, 2009

Starting up again - Spread a little too thin this week

I came back from my three weeks off with an absolute commitment to getting back on track with my training. I got home last Saturday and run 2.5 miles on Sunday and felt good. I made it to class on Monday and felt good. Then.....

Tuesday I was up at 4 to get a kid off to the airport for camp by 5 and had to pick another kid up in the evening which conflicted with class. Wednesday, many responsibilities in the office, I worked late missing the 5pm class and I got home late for dinner, I was very tired, I ate dinner and didn't make it out to class. Thursday, it's my last evening with one daughter before she disappears for five weeks and I was exhausted. Friday I ran again but the dojo is class Friday and Saturday (4th of July) so for me, it's a total bust of a training week. I'm so annoyed at myself.

So, I'll work out the week and next week is another week. ASaaaaaa


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