Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bugo Kumite

I went to bugo on Saturday saying only a few things to myself. Since I had watched the videos of myself sparing with a few people, including Mr. Wilson, my priorities were to fix the obvious problems.

1. Hands up. They're too low, expecially when I kick. In fact, on roundhouse kicks, my hands go way low. Keep them in guard.

2. Circle to my right. Not my left. My right. 80% of the time.

3. Combinations and quickness. Stop being a one hit wonder, especially with kicks. Commit to a combination which is hand hand hand kick. Don't charge in with front kicks. Save them for defense or as a finish on a combination.

4. Quicker and slower. I bounce and move incessantly. Almost too much. No wonder I'm beat. I can be on my toes and shuffling but I don't need to be quite so active, especially when I'm outsite. And when I do attack, focus on being quicker.

How'd I do? So so. I'll keep at it.

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