Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Juniors Testing April 2009

We had two kids testing tonight as well as several friends (Yea Franklin!) plus some on the kids demo team (Robbie & Lee!). So, we had fun watching the testing and saying hello to everyone.

This was a significant testing for us for a few reasons. Obviously, two on the same night is cool. Plus, we now have the family consolidated into two classes: adult and kids advanced class!This is so much better than the fall when we had one in adult advanced, one in adult starter, one in kids advanced, and one in kids starter. A logistical nightmare!

Since KC is home nursing little Nicolas, the substitute sensei was Kyoshi Steve Lavallee.
When I first started, he was still frequently on the floor. It's a little rare now to have him on the floor so it was a treat.

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ronsan60 said...

If you see Kyoshi Lavallee tell him Ron Sariano says hello and congrats