Thursday, April 23, 2009

A good fitness blog - ice & heat expertise?

I'm pretty stingy with my time and so I look at blogs from the perspective of:
Is it worth my time reading it? What will I learn? How much will I like it? How long does it take? Will it make me laugh or at least smile?

I just visited a blog on fitness that I use to read and it makes the grade. This cartoon was on its most recent post. I read down a few more articles and learned something that I had long wondered about, what is the actual impact of being well-hydrated on the body.
On another note, I'm trying to research any really useful articles on the uses of heat and ice. While I use to rely heavily on ice packs, my new regime (foisted on me by my chiropractor) relies more heavily on heat. In fact, he talked me into getting a full jacuzi for medicinal purposes. I think I feel better. I know my kids like me more and that I'm sleeping better.


Anonymous said...

I use a jacuzzi for medicinal purposes (also..recommended by my Chiropractor). I came across a documentary 6 months ago on how Russian athletes treat sports injuries with hot and cold packs. I had just injured my back in martial arts class and decided to give it a try. I sat in my hot tub for 20 mins (104 degree applied heat) then sat on the edge for 20 mins with a cold pack applied to my back. I repeated this process for an hour and a half, I did this every evening on by the second day I could tell there was much improvement in minimizing pain, swelling and improved range of motion - more so than my previous attempts at just applying ice combined with ibuprofen.

BBat50 said...

I like it. I have been using the jacuzi (also 104) daily for about 10 minutes. I like the idea of switching between ice and heat. I'll tell you how it goes...