Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blogging Video Technology - The American Bo Form

I've been asked by people to post kata so that the videos can be watched full screen. To be honest, I've never really thought about how I put up the videos. Now that I've looked at it, it seems that I post my videos in one of two ways. Here is a demo of the two versions and how they look. They feature Mr Galindo doing a very slowed-down demo of the American Bo Form.

I've been looking at Youtube and have discovered a new feature (at least new to me): ANNOTATIONS. I think, for my purposes, the annotations could be really really cool. Of course, who has the time to revisit all of the kata, move them to Youtube, and then painstakingy annotate them? (Again, interns welcome. You can come work in the Time4Learning office). There are a few annotations on this one but I'm struggling still to control the timing and placement of them.

Youtube version with some annotations:

Blogger video version:

I uploaded the first version of the video to Youtube and then pasted the Youtube video into the blog post. I uploaded the second version video using the blogger upload video tool. This does not allow for a full screen option.

It's pretty clear that Youtube is the better way to do it. I guess I should go back and update all the videos on my blog. Anybody want to do some work for an internship?

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