Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Videos of our Kata

The most popular part of this blog is the videos of the kata. Great news. I've started upgrading the technology on them so that you can watch them full screen. And I'm adding captions. Very cool. Here is a list of what we have and who is doing them.

White Belt Appreciation Form - Features a horsestance still picture and video of our instructor, Mr Dan.
Kempo Kata Short One - The video is of Kathy, who got her black belt with me.
Example of the new improved video technology - cool, huh?

Six Count Kicking - Woops, still no video of this. I'll try to fix it this month. Can you help....?
Kempo Kata Long One (update July 07) - Mr Dan showing a hard bo stance and the kata.
Eight Count Kicking - Again, a description but no video....
Kempo Kata Short Two - A still of Jennifer (3rd degree) showing catstance and Kathy performing the kata.
Ten Count Kicking - A video from testing of the group and a poor and old video of yours truly.
Bookset - Three videos. You can watch Kathy, Jennifer, or me.
Kata Chuck Form One - A video from a candidate class with Melissa and Jennifer (different Jennifer) in the foreground.
Two Count Basics - A video of a candidate class performing the basics.
Kata XMA Form One - A video of a juniors class showing great enthusiasm. One of them is mine.
Kata XMA Form Two - The video is of Olivia who makes it appear effortless. It can be full screen and I've started to add captions.
XMA Chuck Form One - Mr Dan making it look easy too.
Three Count Combos - An older video of a class. A better one would be nice.
Kama Set - A candidate class with Jen & Melissa in the front of the class.
Kama Set Two - Mr Dan.
Three Set Kuma Tai - Missing video ?X?
Chuck Form One - Miss Stephanie
Short Three - Mr Dan looking sharp.
American Bo Form - Mr Mike Galindo looking very sharp. It has many captions and is full screen.
Logar Shin - One of the amazing twins showing a kung fu-derived kata from Hungar Karate which has appeared in our curriculum at the black belt level.

Thanks to all of you who have modelled for the blog.

I might be stalking around with the camera again soon trying to fill in the blanks so please spare me the false modesty and let me make a online star out of you.

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