Friday, June 27, 2008

Last weeks lesson....Bookends

Each of our karate classes ends with a short talk and an inspirational message. We have one message per week and since I make it to several classes, I hear it several times.

Last week was about "the importance of bookends". This means that it's important to pay attention to how you start and stop each activity. The two examples that were give: focus on starting class with real intensity and having the intensity at the finish too. And, you should start each day with intensity (they suggested a short run) and finish it not with the drone of a TV but with some reflection on the day.

As I listened to the talk, it seemed to me that they were suggesting that you should finish each day with a short blog post reflecting on the reality of today and the promise of tomorrow.

This reminded my of one my favorite posts: Why do I blog? Any current favorite marketing activity: Promoting the BlogWritingCourse.



Slop -n- Goulash: Dinner of Champions! said...

I enjoy your posts. I agree with your reasons for blogging, too. My original reason was to go back to my very beginnings in martial arts (about a year in now)and journal the journey up to current rank (yellow) and definitely beyond. My goal is to one day reach black belt and then at the point, I will set a new goal because we never stop learning. If we do, why bother? Keep writing your wonderful posts - I'll be reading them! Hope you'll read mine, too.

Rainbow dreams said...

I like the idea of bookends. Came to you via under the overpasses and his wife.
I have toyed with the idea of returning to karate - it's been about 15 years now since I was about to grade for my brown belt and had to stop for work and knee related reasons - who knows I might get there yet!