Monday, January 21, 2008

Woman age 53, with black belt in martial arts, tackles burglary suspect

A burglar chose the wrong house when he went into Margo Foster's .

Margo Foster is a marathoner with a black belt in karate. She earned her black belts at Lavallees East Coast Karate School.

I just heard her interviewed on 97.7 by Those Two Women in the Morning. See the Sun Sentinel article too.

On Friday morning, the 53-year-old Lighthouse Point resident returned home from tennis to find an intruder in her bedroom. Wearing her tennis skirt, she chased the 24 year old out of her house and down the street to get her property back.

She chased him seven blocks and when he began to climb a 6-foot fence, she "grabbed him by the neck, ripped him off the fence.. threw him to the ground, and put my knee to his chest."

We struggled for a few minutes before the burglar dropped the bag and started running again.

... I love this part....

"Go ahead and run," she yelled. "You're not going to get away from me. I've been running for 40 years." After she caught him and he was locked-up, she said: "I outran the kid. He had no cardiovascular system."

Gregory St. Germain, age 24, was arrested by Lighthouse Point police and charged with burglary to an occupied dwelling, battery, possession of stolen property and grand theft. Police said Foster recovered all of her property.

The police point out that criminals often carry guns. You are not advised to try this at home. And not to try and take advantage of Margo Foster.


Age of War 3 said...

Hats off to Margo Foster...Wow! 53 and still going strong

Underground _God said...

I know how to jump fences I'm from the ghetto I would've gotten away