Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Warriors Collide III

Warriors Collide 3 was a total blast. While Warriors Collide 2 was my intro to attending live fights, Warriors Collide 3 was a much bigger deal for me...it was the first time I saw people that I know step into the ring.
First of all, there was the anticipation. In my classes at the dojo, we were all checking with our 19 year old instructor (Stephanie) to see if she felt ready for her debut in the ring. She seemed really excited and a little nervous. I was terribly nervous (anxious, terrified etc) for her and also excited. Check out the Sun Sentinel's interview of the Hammer Gym crowd which does a good job of showing the excitement of training for a fight. ."Warriors Collide" Sun Sentinal Story on HAMMER GYM'S FIGHTERS!*

Secondly, as I said, I knew some people fighting. One of my instructors...Stephanie was in the ring. My next article will cover her and sensei Hewitt (also from Lavallees USA).

There were two fights that particularly interested me which I've found on YouTube. Both were girls fighting. Somehow, they were cooler than the guys fighting. That's not just my personal evaluation, the noise-o-meter in the auditorium showed that they were the crowd's favorite.

Nicole D'Aiguillion of Hammer Gym vs Jenn Goodall of Ghost Fighter

Trish Cicero of Lavallees vs Tara Moore of Griffonrawl

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