Thursday, January 10, 2008

Found a thought - and blog - that I like

I was looking today for more blogs that I like and I found this:

Karate was not originally a method for self development/improvement - it was purely for combat. But that doesn't mean karate cannot be such a system. The art has had things added to it over the last 100 years or so - ex gi, coloured belts,.... Any activity can become a personal discipline...The activity is really a vehicle for inner training by focusing the mind and taming the ego. Paraphrased from Personal Discipline

This was the first time I've heard this thought articulated. But it's a thought that I've had in the back of my mind for a long time. I'm going to think about this. And keep reading his blog.


Stephen Irwin said...


Just called by from Total Karate to say hello. I like your blog and I'll be adding your link when I next do my updates.

I know at least one person in our club who will be interested in your website :)

Steve said...

I've given this subject some thought myself. I agree that any activity can be a vehicle for self confidence, discipline and integrity and that these benefits are intrinsic to the pursuit, not to the activity.

In order for the activity to allow for these benefits, the activity itself must have integrity. A pursuit of excellence in golf leads to skill gained as a golfer, etc. It's sort of like what my 7th grade English teacher told us regarding symbolism in novels while we were discussing Moby Dick. He said, "Remember that a symbol in writing can represent anything. But don't forget that in Moby Dick, regardless of whatever else it might represent, it has to continue to be a whale, too."

The problem I see with many martial arts schools, at least around here, is that the activity (martial training) is relegated to an almost non-existent role and in it's place is a very superficial focus on the very benefits that are being undermined.

Interesting post.