Friday, August 17, 2007

XMA2 - Summary

Kata, XMA 2, bow, turn right
X block forward, double downward punch.
look left, chop left, triple punch left
look right, chop right, triple punch right
punch forward, reach back, double punch forward.

Turn left pushing down with the right, double side kick forward, spin 360, chop forward left, punch forward.

Front kick, skip front kick, sping 360 chop forward again, punch forward onto a knee.

Xblock up, spin 360, spread arms out like wings, fall to the kneee
standup back into facing right starting position.
face forward, double block down, softbow left, XMA, assaa

click for a more detailed XMA2 description.
XMA2 Details. Frustratingly, I'm not performing well on this kata. It's frustrating since it does not require high kicks, endurance, or agility: us executive performers should shine...It's all details.... So, lets review the details....

X Block forward: hands are open, fingers tight together
Double downward punch: It's actually a push down with the hands open and ending with them still open with the palms facing the ground and somewhat horizontal (as if you had pushed). During the next few seconds, the fist is slowly made, a finger at a time, while the look intensified and looks to the left....
Punch forward, reach back: In the reach back, the forward hardbow is momentarily reversed into a rear hardbow and for a second, you actually look back. The emphasis is on the double front page and return to the forward hard bow.
Double side kick forward, spin 360, chop forward left, punch forward: After the side kicks, plant your right foot and spin off it. When you finish, be sure to plant your left foot forward and to a little off to the left, this gives you a better base for the chop.

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