Monday, July 10, 2006

Ten Count Kicking

The 10 Count kicking exercise is a showcase for those with great kicking skills. For the rest of us, it was a personal challenge which allowed us to focus on developing better technique. In my case, the slow extension side kick was one of my two major sources of anxiety (the other was the spinning hook kicks). After much work, I finally got so I could get thru it with a little pride.

X block facing forward to the left at a 45 degree angle (north west) with hands crossed over the head. Look right.

Karate chop with right to the right (north east), dropping left hand into chamber, side kick to the right (same direction as karate chop), tia, drop both hands so they kinda slap your thigh, and twist your feet so that your body is facing forward to the right, and you are looking forward to the left.

Karate chop with left to the left, (north west), dropping right hand into chamber, side kick to the left...

Total sequence
Side kicks - to right, then left
Round House - to right, then left
Hook back, then round house- to right, then left
slow tension side kick - to right, then left
side, round, round going from low to high - to right, then left

End with positon, bow, slap sides,


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BBat50 said...

This is not especially pretty kicking but john does seem to be enjoying himself. And he's gotten better since this was taken.