Thursday, July 06, 2006

Kempo Kata Long One

Taisho - Kempo Kata
Others - Kempo Kata, showing right fist (assume we always start by looking North or forward)
Taisho - Long One
Others - Long One, covering right fist with left hand, turning it forward and down, bowing

This kata is much like short one but after each block there is a punch and then a second block. There are no pauses until the end. This kata was updated in 2007 primarily by the addition of the head turn after each pair of blocks.

1 step left into horsestance and arms in chamber

2 step backward with left foot into horsestance with inward block with the right hand, then punch with the left switching to a hard bow. Then back to horse stance with a second inward block with the right hand.

3 Repeat 2 with the right step back and left inward, right punch, left inward block

Hard Bow Stance
Notice the straight back leg, the rear heel is down.
Note that the Body is vertical, not leaning forward

4 look left, outward, punch, outward

5 outward, punch, outward,

6 look over your left shoulder, turn, up, punch, upward block

7 upward block, punch, upward block

8 look right, right downward block, punch, block

9 downward block, punch,

10 turn, face front saying aheasa going into deep horse stance stand up, raise fist, cover fist, step right to shoulder length apart and punch forward into position, aheasa


arncade said...

thank god for these videos. You make practicing katas at home a reality. We really appreciate the time you dedicated to making this site so great! esaa...ose...Arnie

Tracy Goyette said...

I earned my black belt in 2004 and had life crop up. As a result I neglected my training and sadly everything is fuzzy. I really appreciate this video because just seeing it brought the whole kata back. This is my first visit and sure hope you have more!

Tracy Goyette

BBat50 said...

Tracy. Glad you like them. I'm not sure whether I should congratulate your or be sympathetic about "life cropping up".

Unknown said...

Hello, I came across your site and it has been a great help! I started Kenpo with my daughter and grandson at the tender age of 54 plan on earning my black belt by 60! Thank you for your website! My memory is not as great as it used to be, so the videos really help.

Anonymous said...

Just want to add to the appreciation for the video's you posted. I too joined because my kids are part of the Coconut Creek dojo, this website is my constant source of information and much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what good any of these sexy looking strikes are going to do you on the street when somebody is looking to kick your but?
A fight on the street doesn't follow rules that you can't kick below the belt or not fight dirty. I took this form of Martial arts for 9 years and all I got was memorize this form and suck it up as my lessons.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. I think you make a good point. It's a martial arts school which includes some self-defense. Just like learning archery or fencing, they don't much help you in a street fight. If you get attacked, don't do a kata! You should use your self defense. Thanks for clarifying this for anyone else who might be confused.