Monday, February 21, 2022

Making Good Progress

 I'm making some progress towards getting back in tri shape. I won't be on any podiums but I might this summer be in shape to actually do another sprint.

 I've focused entirely on my jogging.  I try to do my walk for 1.5 miles, jog1.5 miles routine at least once a week.  Sometimes twice. It leaves my legs very stiff the following day so I shouldn't really do it the day before any tennis because I'll just be useless on the courts. 

I've been slowly working my times down so that now I'm under 10 minute miles. By under, I mean 9:55. Still, it's progress.  Here's my numbers from this week. Soon, I'll get back to biking and swimming. My strategy is not to focus on making a good time. it's simply to be in good enough shape so I'm sure that I can actually swim the quarter mile, bike the 20K, and jog the 5K without drowning, crashing, or walking, respectively.

PS - I'm still working on my rubiks cube in plank plan but while I haven't really regressed, I haven't progressed very much either. Here's the status on March 2022, here's the original plan on cubing in plank.


Unknown said...

Go you John! Very inspiring stuff. I am only 43 and only got to brown belt before struggling to go to dojo. My last class November 2021, and I cried haha.

Johne said...

Rubriks cube progress, March 2022: