Saturday, June 04, 2016

Boxing Training Videos

Here's a collection of training videos, first ones of son David (age 17) who is starting to learn to box.  He's being trained by Ace (Ada Velez, a retired national boxing champion) over at Kimling Academy.

Then for contrast, there are some videos of me (his dad) of boxing training videos from 2012 or 2013 when I was working out at Lavallees (I was in my mid 50s at that point).  They aren't sparing, they're just working on some basics which I had on my phone so I thought I'd post them.

Below are some pretty low key training videos which just remind me what those days were like.  A few years later, I started playing around with boxing (since my hip had frozen up and I could no longer kick or do any of the karate stuff).  Heres a  look at what I look like in the ring in a very low key training session.

The next drill is that little trick of dropping the head to catch a shot on the forehead instead of the face.

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