Sunday, November 22, 2015

How to Revive the Ultimate Fighter.

I have long commented how boring the Ultimate Fighter program has become. I personally record them, fast forward through the show and only watch the fight at the end.

 I think the heart of the drama should be the technical, physical, and psychological challenges that a fighter must deal with and how the coach and fighter overcome them. Or doesn't.

I could care less about the antics in the house and I'm getting to care less and less about getting to know the fighters since most of them are nobodies going nowhere.

 My solution is make the show a lot more technical. I'd like to really get to see the analysis of a fighter's strengths and weaknesses and live through the drama of having to unlearn favorite patterns and learn to fight a new way. Fighters are often told that their approach, which has gotten them to a  certain point, needs to be largely changed to get to the next level.  Fighters need to either trust their coach and do it, or understand it, or negotiate it. Often, fighters have developed  a style which has served them well base don some personal profound psychological or physical issues. Can they unlearn them and change?

I thought  I'd mention this since I just read an article which addresses this question of how to improve the now incredibly dull and predictable Ultimate Fighter.

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