Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Bucket List Confession

John Edelson on the podium at last!
I ran another tri this weekend.

 And it's time to admit that I don't have much of a bucket list. Many of the items on there are really pretty silly. I had always wanted to earn a black belt (check!). I wanted to score a goal in a college soccer game (not checked, not going to be). I wanted to start and run a company (done!). And after a race, I've always wanted to be put on a podium.  Well, this past weekend, at the second of the Key Biscayne MACK Sprint Triathalons, I earned a medal for third place which got me onto the podium. So CHECK!

Disclosure, in my age gender category, males 55-59, there were only five competitors this Sunday.  But I beat two of them (plus all the guys that didn't show up) so as far as I'm concerned, it counts!  I placed in a trithalon! Here's my time.

My analysis of the time: pretty good.

Overall I moved well. I was the fastest in swimming, very competitive on the bike, and I dragged a bit on the run.  My transitions improved but were a little slow still. This is my third sprint triathlon this year. 

2014 Times:
7/20/2014    1:09 Key Biscayne
 7/4/2014     1:09  Tradewinds Park which means no hill on the bike and flat water swim)
6/8/2014  1:10  Key Biscayne 

 I probably swam too hard since although my time was good, I had a series of panic attacks in the water when I thought I might have to stop and ask for help.  Part of the problem is that I took a swimming lesson where they totally changed my breathing (it turns out I'm not supposed to hold my breath! Who knew?) and also my stroke (arms aren't supposed to be straight) so I was trying a new stroke which I had only practiced twice.  So this might have overly tired me out.

Transitions.  Still pretty weak.  I'm going to try elastic laces on my running shoes next time and put some talc powder in my bike shoes and have a shoe horn on hand. I seem to have spent a lot of time trying to get my foot into the shoes and then getting the strap into the brace.  With talc and a shoe horn, I can probably slide my foot into something that is already loosely attached. 

So what's on the agenda?
1. I've laid off the trianing a bit (which was never that organized and intense) and this week I'm back to taking the local boxing class.
2.  I'm looking for more local triathlons or 5Ks.

3. I'll miss the next Mack tri since I'll be in Alaska.
4. But I'll back in September!


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BBat50 said...

I just got trained on how to change my tire.
1. Put chain on smallest gear in back.
2. Release break with little nob on break shoes.
3. Flip bike over.
4. Unscrew fast release
5. Pull chain up and pull out wheel.
6. With hands, push tire off side.
7. Remove it and then the tube.
8. Carefully, don't get cut, slide hand around inside of tire or liner to find sharp object. Remove it.
9. Put enough air in new tube to hold shape.
10. Insert tube into tire, put tire on wheel starting at valve.
11. Pull out derailer, put chain on sprocket,
12. Push wheel past break pads.
13. Push wheel into spot, spin, tighten.
14. Put it right side up, reconnect break pads.