Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Sprint Triathalon - Key Biscayne

In my quest for new challenges and to enjoy and push my fitness, I signed up for some triathalons this summer.  I did the first one on June 8th down at Virginia Key, part of the Key Biscayne Mack series. I had a great time and my time was respectable.  I finished it in 1:10:33 which placed me  5th place in my age category of Male 55-59, 118th overall out of 256.

The organizers just sent me a table which gave me my position on each part.  My swimming was fast, I was 2nd fastest in my group. And my biking was fast too, I was the 3rd fastest in my group. My run time, which I think of as my best area, was not as good, I was 5th.  And my transitions, I was slow: 6th and 5th respectively.  I guess I need to practice putting on my shoes!

New Bike! I'm really excited since I finally bought a bike that isn't a bad joke. I bought a new bike which is a modern racing bike. It's almost 10 pounds lighter than my old bike. I didn't got to crazy as in I stayed with aluminum and didn't go with a carbon fiber.  But, if I keep at it (and if my company stays solvent), I might get myself a carbon fibre one soon.

My previous bike was one that I had swapped for and it turns out to have been 25 years old.  I put toe clips on the old bike and use to do both the biking and the run wearing running shoes.

Here's the results of previous triathalons. I did two two years ago and a few a few years before that.  My time this time was actually better than the previous one: 1 hour ten minutes this time versus one hour seventeen minutes on my last one.  I have no idea why. This course might have been shorter or the conditions better. I think in both cases, I placed the middle of my group although I have moved up a group since my previous efforts.  And by up, I mean that I moved up to the 56-60 age group.

By the way, the pictures from the triathalon last year were taken by my wife's nephew who is a great photographer.  Anybody want to go take pictures at the next one?

2014 Mack Cycle Triathlon Trilogy #1 (.25s-10b-3.1r)
Race Results for John Edelson
Male 55-59 on 06/08/2014
Cat Place2/86/83/85/85/85/8
Cat %862971434343
Sex Place88/171124/17175/171129/17197/17193/171
Sex %492856254446
OA Place114/256185/25689/256185/256128/256118/256
OA %562865285054
Click here for Full Results


mylene said...

great job John! I started swimming...still got a long way to go. maybe I will get a bike too. :)

Anonymous said...

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