Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Nutella VS. Peanut Butter, nutrionally speaking...

I'm a fan of the taste and convenience of each product. I'll eat them on bananas or on toasted whole wheat.  But in fact, which is better for me? Or worse?

Serving Size - 2 Tablespoons

Lets start with total fat.  While peanut butter has 17g, Nutella has only 11g. But Nutella has slightly more saturated fats at 3.5 grams versus peanutbutter at 3 grams.  Overall, advantage Nutella.

Neither have any cholesterol.

The peanut butter is salty with 105 mg, Nutella has zero. Advantage Nutella.

Peanut butter has 7 grams of carbs (3 grams each of sugar and fiber), Nutella has 22 grams (21 of which are sugars, only 1 of fiber). Is the extra 15 grams of carbs a lot? Is this really what matters the most?

They both have 200 calories. Peanut butter has 150 fat calories, Nutella has only 100 fat calories.

Bottom line, Nutella wins!  Nutella has less fat (17 vs 11) and less salt (105mg) versus zero. Nutella wins across the board except for saturated fats.

UPDATE - I just chatted with someone far more versed in nutrition than me and she (Nicole) said that I was missing the point.

Peanut butter, while it does have salt, carbs (3gs of which are sugar), and 150 fat calories, also has useful protein. Seven grams of useful protein.
Nutella  has slightly less of the bad stuff (salt, sugars, fat) but it only has 2 grams of protein.
Is this difference of 7 v 2 grams of protein that important?

Disclaimer: She also said that she is not that familiar with Nutella so she'd check it out. She did push almond butter (all natural, Whole Foods) as a better alternative than the others. So stay tuned. Or add your insights...thanks.

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BBat50 said...

BTW, I've switch from peanut butter to almond butter. I think the taste is about the same but its supposed to have less bad stuff, more good stuff. But who has the time and patience to actually read the labels!