Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two Man Kata

Here at Elite Force Martial Arts in Ft Lauderdale, the big news (well my news) is that I'm back! After a three month hiatus where hopefully, my hip and back issues have settled down, I made it back to class last night.  A number of people said: "Heh, we really need some help. You've got to get the Two Man Kata up online so we can learn it"

Gee, it's great to see you all too. In any case, here are three videos.  The first one with Niki is the offensive side of the Two Man Kata, done slowly for us to learn from.

Here is the defensive part of Two Man. 

And this combines the North and South, offense and defense, of the Two Man Kata.
Write-Up.  Offensive side of the Two Man Kata,
 Start: Legs together, hands in a diamond together low.
1. Step right with right leg, backfist with right hand,  left hand open facing right at right shoulder.
2. Step forward with the right, parry parry.
3. Step forward and then back on the 45 with the left with an inward horizontal chop.
4. Step on the next diagonal with the left with a downward block and chamber.
5. Hard bo and left punch
6. Reverse hard bo with downward and upward blocks.
7. Cross over step to the corner while hands do trap and backfist.
8. Step forward with the left so you're facing sideways and upper cut with the left with a pull back on the right.
9.  Upward and inside horizontal block with the right.
10. Jump so that you face the same way but with the left leg forward, neck punch with the left.
11. Jump spin back and inward block with the right.
12. High back fist with the right
13. Inward block on the horizontal with the right.
14. Elbow to the right with the right while leaning.
15. Step with right to the horizontal while pushing forward with the left.
17. Reverse hard bo with downward and upward block.
18. step up and side kick with the left and spin 180 to your left
19. End in reverse hard bo, upward and downward block, hands open.

This Two Man Kata as practiced by Elite Force, Team X-Treme Martial Arts Academy,  New Era Martial Arts, New Life Martial Arts, Team Andrello, Team Creek, Impact Martial Arts and Fitness of Syracuse NY, and other derivatives of the Lavallee-system.  Actually, I don't know if this kata is practiced by all these schools but I thought it would be fun to put the list of them together. Are there other schools largely using the same kata?  If so, tell me in the comments.


lastly, dear readers, how about some comments to encourage me ....
Here are two interesting reads, one of them cites me....


Natalia said...

Osu, Mr. Edelson! I missed last night class so I didn't know that you were back. Welcome back!!! That's great news. I was thinking of contacting you to see if I could persuade you to put several of our most often used self defense moves. That would really help some of us :)
This blog is such a trusted reference source for all of us on the martial arts journey. I'm happy to see that the blog is alive and kicking.
Thanks for your dedication and see you on the mats!!

SS said...

Thank you Mr Edelson,you rock. W easked, and you delivered!..... Now I need defense,patiently waiting!

BBat50 said...

I'm glad to have gotten up the offensive side of two man kata. I haven't found anyone ready to perform the defensive side but I'm looking.

As to self defense, it would be good to work through: wrist grabs, front chokes, lapel grabs, shoves from the front, side shoulder and neck grabs, and bear hugs from the front.

On the blog already are rear bear hugs and rear chokes.

I'd like to show the kenpo defense (if anyone really knows it), the krav mega/reference point approach, and the newer (for us) jitsu approach to these situations.

Of course, I need a performer and an ouki. Actually, I wouldn't mind doing some of the defense myself.

Unknown said...

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Mike said...

If by "kenpo defense" you mean "American Kenpo self-defense," there's likely to be multiple techniques for each type of attack - family groupings that emphasize different types of responses, levels of complexity and principles (marriage of gravity, back-up mass, rotational force, borrowed force, and so forth). However examples would include:
Crossing Talon - cross-hand wrist grab
Lone Kimono - single lapel grab
Twin Kimono - double lapel grab
Squeezing the Peach - rear bear hug, arms pinned
Crashing Wings - rear bear hug, arms free

Of course, just training the EPAK self-defenses in a vacuum, without studying the underlying principles, family groupings, and concepts that make them into a toolbox of flexible responses to an attack isn't ideal, but if you just want the techniques they're out there. Casa de Kenpo has their version of the full EPAK curriculum up on YouTube.

Also, note that the term for the attacker in partnered self-defense practice is "uke," not "ouki." It's Japanese for "to receive" as they're the one receiving the technique from the tori (the person performing the technique), sometimes called the nage (thrower, used in Aikido and sometimes Judo).

Anonymous said...

Here is an article you guys might find interesting:

Dan Altamura said...

We still perform the two man kenpo kata here at Impact Martial Arts & Fitness - Team Andrello, Brighton, NY. In fact, you have been a big inspiration to me in my journey to black belt. I have followed this blog over the years closely. I earned my black belt in 2011 at the age of 48. I just earned my second degree black belt two days ago at age 50. I am a BLACK BELT AT 50! Thank you for this blog and all your efforts!

BBat50 said...

Mike - Thanks for all the info on kenpo self defense. My understanding that kenpo holds and grabs are fantastic but as you mention, really intricate and require mastering an immense amount of material to be used effectively. I think that's why many schools have switched to simpler less intricate approaches such as krav mega and a simplified version of jitsu. What do you think, are those others much easier to master to the point of basic effectiveness to defend yourself when grabbed?

BBat50 said...

I'm glad to hear that Team Andrello is still using this blog sometimes. I met both the Andrellos through the years and found one even more impressive and memorable than the other.