Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hips and backs etc

My status, athletically, is that after the last back crisis, I got myself to the orthopedist and asked, "So what's up doc?"  He did Xrays of the back and hips. The back was healthy and boring. But it keeps geting wrenched around my mh hips. My right hip is not good. The doctor's first reactions: "That looks like it hurts. And we've replaced hips that looked a lot better than that."  Durn.  So he gave me some anti-inflamatory stuff and some advice: Don't round, don't right round-house, don't keep stressing it.  Biking, swimming, boxing, front kicks are OK.  So I'm sort of an a holding pattern as I think about my options and as my back fully recovers. I try to get to class 2x a week but with some other problems (Work got very intense and Mom has had problems so I'm travelling), my own work-outs are not the highest priority.  Stay tuned... I might get serious about exploring the miracles of new hips.

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