Monday, May 21, 2012

Look Who is Wearing a Black Belt!

This past weekend was Showtime!

 Kate got up on stage at the Parker Playhouse and showed her stuff. For her, probably pretty easy. She is a good performer and knew her material very well.

NTSC generally appeared very strong this time.  Mike Sweeney led the group as the only 4th degree with Dani coming in for a third. Since they are both from my dojo, this was great.

Along with Kate, there was Nina, seen horsing around with Kate just below. BTW, to complete her spring, she has a big ballet show this upcoming weekend. And what does she do with her spare time!

I don't seem able to find yet the picture of everyone in their new gis.  

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Karate Girls Videos said...

Congrats to Kate for finally reaching black belt. That is quite the achievement. Good luck to her in the rest of her martial arts career.