Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sparing, More Work on my Bugo

I'm interested in improving my bugo kumite.  This is my main goal this year. As it was last year. Frankly, I find improvements hard to make.  I'm hoping that by watching myself, I'll see and learn from my mistakes (and expand on any successes).  Frankly, I'd like to be more accomplished after all this practice but I still have trouble relaxing and flowing. I can't seem to circle properly and I rarely string together combinations.  On the bright side, many of my really bad habits from a few years ago are mostly gone.  My notes after watching this video:

  • I'm mostly moving the wrong way, I'm circling to my left but I should be going to my right.
  • I should be attacking more, especially with combinations.  And I'm way too tense. RELAX!
  • I need to be more dynamic with my shoulders, hands, head, and height constantly changing. I tend to only move my feet. And my footwork lacks those clever changes in angles.
  • When attacked, I'm missing opportunities to hold my ground and counter. Or to just side step and counter. Instead, I'm retreating and shelling up.
  • My defense is pretty good although I tend to block head kicks with my arms out instead of folded in against my head. Also, I'm overblocking and defending sometimes with both hands.
  • Mr Vince, on the other hand, is looking very disciplined, quick, light on his feet and with a good variety of attacks.  He's definitely improved in the two years between these videos.  Well done.

Now here is an interesting detail. In 2009 (two years ago), I was also filmed in a training session with the same training partner. Comparing the two video clips is very interesting. What jumps out at me, frankly, is the huge improvements that Mr. Vince has made. He's faster, more varied is his attacks, and better in his defense. On the other hand, I show more consistency (as in its not clear that I've improved).  But now I'm really really motivated.

And I have a plan.  Every bugo match, come hell or high water, I will do these five things:

A. Circle 80% of the time to my right.
B. Throw each of these combinations at least once:
- Parry a jab down with my right, then  cross, left hook, right cross
- Jab, Cross, jab, front roundhouse
- Jab, left hook, right cross, left uppercut,exit to my right
- Jab, cross, left hook, 180 kick
C. Lots of Relaxed Movement: move shoulders, change height, move head, lean both ways and try starting with hooks. Concentrate on having some explosive speed and real deceptions.
D. Attack the body, not just up top.
E. Don't kick so much. Pace myself for all two minutes.

I thought I'd add this video that I just found. It's not really bugo but it's one of my favorite old drills, it's half speed boxing.


. said...

Kumite is the element of my karate I see least improvement in also. I think it's often hard to see any improvement in ourselves in this area. I really like your idea of having a specific list of goals to try to get into your sparring (especially in terms of set combinations to work in). That's something you could easily work at practicing alone in order to implement in your sparring. I might have to steal that as a tool to try and improve my own kumite. Hope you start to see the improvement you want to soon.


BBat50 said...

Here's another post where I analyse my sparing: