Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kicking is Back!

Our school has been focusing on boxing skills, conditioning, and jitsu for the last few years.  What did they leave out? Well, I'd forgotten about the kicking drills. And last night, they came back.

Six Count Kicking - Three pairs of kicks: two forward, two side, two roundhouses.
Eight Count Kicking - Four pairs of kicks: two forward, two side, two hook rounds, two double rounds.
Ten Count Kicking - Showy X blocks before and after each kick with two pairs of side kicks, two round houses, two hook rounds, two slow extension high tension side kicks, and low side and two high round house kicks.

Also, we revisited the old Two Count Basics.  I looked aroudn the blog and I have some very old videos of these materials which had lost their links. I put them back in.


Six Count Kicking Demos


Jiu Jitsu Indianapolis said...

That brings back memories of doing katas. Miss those days!

John@Jeet Kune Do Techniques said...

Those kicks! How I wish I can that too. When I was young I really want to enroll in a martial art school but my mom didn’t let me due to my weak body.