Monday, December 13, 2010

A Cool Bruce Lee Story

This is quoted from a blog called with an article about Peter Ting and Bruce Lee....
Peter had a wealth of stories of street fights, military service with General Patton in WWII, and of course Aikido. One of his most requested stories was of sparring with Bruce Lee. Here’s how I remember the story…

Peter had a friend who owned a dojo in San Francisco where Bruce had been training. This friend told Peter about Bruce but warned him not to spar with him as Bruce enjoyed beating up his sparring partners. Not one to shy from danger, Peter went to the gym early the next morning to find Bruce working the bags. Peter doesn’t say a word but puts on his gloves and starts his workout. A few minutes goes by when Bruce comes over and asks Peter if he wants to spar. Anyone that met Peter knows the glean in his eye that always accompanied his smile.

Bruce asks Peter if he wants to spar with or without gloves. Peter chooses to go without. When telling the story this is where Peter starts to imitate the trademark stance that Bruce used – one hand up, one hand down, and bouncing up and down . “Bruce was going like this. Dancing all around the room.”

“And then I spit in his face.”

Bruce’s face turned red and he leaped forward with a punch. Peter then dropped him with a kotegaeshi. Peter took a couple blows in return before they stopped. Peter was happy that he proved his point. Bruce was pissed. Peter never explained himself to Bruce but later that day the gym owner called Peter. “Peter, what the hell, you spit in Bruce’s face?” “Yep” Peter replied. “After all of the years that Bruce spent in the martial arts I made him forget everything he knew just by making him angry.” I wonder if Bruce ever learned the lesson that Peter was trying to show?

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kevcosta said...

Not a "cool" story. Peter's an ass.