Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Kenpo Kate Long Two Form - Some variations

We are learning a new kata, Long Two.  After many years, Long Two  is now back in the curriculum. Below is  Long Two as performed by Mr. Mike Galindo at the NTC of Lavallees Karate School in Ft Lauderdale.

Steve Lavallees East Coast Karate School Version, circa 2010
(performed informally by an instructor, Mr. Galindo)

I was poking around on Youtube looking at the variations of different Kenpo Long Two Forms.  Our school's version is the simplest and least ornate. I think it's really interesting to see the differences.  

Long Two
Sacramento Kenpo Kate The performer, Amy Long, is a published author on spirituality and etiquette (different books) plus a book on the Kenpo Karate Community Worldwide, Maybe I can get a guest-post from her.


The performance with detailed explanation is by Professor Juan Serrano, 7th Dan


ronsan60 said...

Look for the Tracy's Karate long two. That is the base Kata for all Lavallee's versions. The original school In Liverpool NY and owned by Lee Thompson was a Tracy's school. I love that you put these videos.

ronsan60 said...

John here are web pages I have come across while working on documenting some facts for a post on Iannuzzo's and Lavallee's History.
You said you are interested in the history of our related schools. So I thought you might want to take a peek at these.
Note Lee Thompson is listed here.

On this page you can purchase instructional videos for the Tracy's Katas and SD. For me they are not worth the money, since I already spend money to train with live instructors. It is interesting anyway and does have links to other Tracy's/Kenpo history.
On this page note Lee Thompson 5th degree - 1981 now this would have been after he sold the Tracy's School.