Sunday, November 15, 2009

Releases from Bear Hug from Behind

The self defense curriculum over the last few weeks has focused on releases from bear hugs from behind.

Here, in slow mo, is the basic release from a rear bear hug.

Followed by the release from the same rear bear hug but when the attacker starts to lift you probably to slam you to the ground. They key elements are to hook one leg around the attackers leg while throwing your momentum first upwards, then downwards.

The next demo of a release, previously taught at Lavallees, is of a traditional kenpo approach, to a release from a rear bear hug, hands free.

Lastly, here's the release from a rear bear hug when the hands are pinned.

LAvalle's has moved away from the Kenpo self defense. I'm not sure why but based on this article, I suspect it's because of the complexity of the original American Kenpo self defense system: 50 Ways to Sunday.

This post is on the second on our self defense. The other one discusses a variety of Rear Choke Releases. If anyone wants to help, I'd like videos and descriptions about:
- wrist grabs - single, double, same side, cross-over
- front chokes, lapel grabs - single & double
- side grabs -shoulder and neck -
- full nelsons
- bouncer grab (one hand held up behind the back, the other held at the side)
- front bear hugs
- standing guillotine choke from behind
- any other parts of the curriculum that I've forgotten?


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kev said...

thank you so much for your blog. i just started and having this to refer to is motivating and inspiring! Please, keep it up.