Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Blogging - The fun of it.

Like a lot of people, I spend time on Facebook. I think of it as a "scene". A back-to-school-meet-the-teachers-thing or bar scene or a college mixer or some other get together. It's very social. I get a glimpse and an update of many people and happenings, some of which I care about. Facebook is easily configured so I can get less glimpses of things I don't care about. And the people (or fan pages) that I really care about, I can go visit more. It's good, it's cool. But Facebook has a superficial feel for me, I also like blogging.

Blogging is the same but different. Blogging is for me, a few minutes when I collect and try to process my thoughts. This blog started with me trying to figure out the kata (ie left
how to blog for fun and promotionfoot crescent step back, right hand inward block, right foot crescent step, left hand block, aieya) and has evolved into me writing about more esoteric topics that interest me and maybe others. As the blog has grown more visible and public, I've tried to be a little more polished and less quirky in my writing.

I've enjoyed blogging and highly recommend it for any thinking person. One of the reasons that it's been fun for me is that I started through a blogging course so that all my questions got answered easily and my technical problems resolved painlessly. Plus, I had readers and supportive feedback from day one. So I'm suggesting that if you are interested, you should sign up for Blogging 101 which starts Oct 12th (Monday). Plan on it taking about two hours a week and starting you on a fun new hobby. It'll cost you $59 unless you are part of a non-profit in which case, we'll let you for $9. Email me with questions on that.

And, as the new FTC law about blogging endorsements requires, I'll disclose that this endorsement of the bloggin course is not a pure third party endorsement. I work for the company that teaches the course.


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Slop -n- Goulash: Dinner of Champions! said...

I love blogging too - it's more for me than anyone else but I find that alot of women anyway seem to identify with alot of my life situations. Can't afford anything extra like a blogging course but would love to take one sometime. Have lots of questions - for instance, the other day I wanted to post my thoughts on a celebrity situation that just drives me up a wall but I couldn't figure out how to find a photo of them that would be legal for me to use on my blog. Technical stuff like that is what I need. And I also understand the "cleaning it up" thing - you don't know who you know that might read your blog.