Monday, June 08, 2009

Watch Back Alley Brawl This Weekend

Driving to work this morning, I drove past Melissa doing her road work. What a cardio machine! Is there anything as much fun as being a trained talented athlete in your 20s? And vicariously, it's fun for all of us. You go girl!

My first email was from coop with part of Sat nite's card:

Melissa Haley vs Shani Fraser
Jarrod Arndt (Hanshi Moti fighter) vs Steven Chin
Ed Vitale vs Matt Dickens
Super Heavyweights.. Michel Quinones-Davis vs Sergio Rodriguez

Melissa Haley - PreFight Montage - Warriors Collide 6

Tickets are available!... $25 for G/A.
@ Back Alley Brawl4!
For tickets call 954 785-1348! T
he Event is at The Davie PAL, 4300 SW 57th Terrace in Davie.
This Saturday night

Melissa's last fight


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