Saturday, January 10, 2009

News from Lavallees, BBat50, LHP

While I have been nursing by back over the last few months, the world has been moving forward. Here's a quick overview.

At Lavallees, Kyoshi Steve Lavallee earned his eighth degree. This is historic. Below is the video. I really want to get a copy of the picture of Kyoshi Steve Lavallee with Fred Degerberg, Shihan Moti, and any other martial art illuminaries iinvolved in awarding it to him. But the news continues. This month, Kyoshi went to get his hip replaced. Word is that after just two days, he was doing the therapy and working on the comeback.

Meanwhile Sensei KC Lavallee is pregnant! I can't help but think that just as much as ahip replacement, a little Lavallee will be very disruptive to training schedules. LOL.

Left Hook Productions is producing another amateur MMA show in Ft Lauderdale January 24th. As far as I know, there's no one on the card from Lavallees. I will miss this one since I have a major other event that night. I did get an email from them about a competition for new ring girls. And I noticed that they have started posting on their blog again.

Other news, I got married. (This is called in journalistic circles, "burying the lead".) I'm a very lucky fellow, more on this later. Including some pictures.

I made it to Friday night happy hour and made it through class going about 90%. But I didn't feel great afterways. I did feel great that we started working again on Kama Set Two and several people asked me if I could get it up on the blog. Smile. It is up. There's a video but no write-up. But seriously, has the write-ups ever helped anyone? Even I usually find them unreadable. I think the detail tips are good. Thoughts?

And after starting to study my back treatment options, I ran across a local chiropractor and have been seeing him this week. He looked at xrays and has a good understanding of the obvious problems. We're using:
- a little electrical current to get the muscles to contract and relax to eliminate lactic acid buildup and some other products
- a little ultrasound with heating goo
- some stretching, a few manipulations
- a roller table (a massaging roller while I lie on back)
- suggested weekly massage.
Unless my problems go promptly away, I'll probably also go the medical route and get a full set of Xrays and MRIs. Expensive and time-consuming but it doesn't get more serious than the back. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions.

Last note in todays tidbits, KC told me that there was a group that I might want to follow on Facebook called Lavallees alumni. I've googled, trolled, and searched, I can't find it. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for many happy years with your new wife. :-)

BBat50 said...

I (actually, Carmen) found the Lavallee's Alumni Group on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting married! For your sake I hope she does martial arts. It makes life much simpler when you share the same passion.

Anonymous said...

Your write ups are fine. In fact I printed all of them out and used the videos to help remind me what to do while I was in the "cycle" recently. I passed first time around at age 50 also! I still am not in the shape I want to be but your site was inspiring. My 13 yr old daughter got hers along with me. We attend the Liverpool, NY dojo (the original one). Everyone there reads your blogs too and your videos. So keep it up. Still looking for chuck form two. Thanks for taking the time to post.

BBat50 said...

Greetings to Liverpool. Do you do the exact same katas up there? I know that they change from time to time, I can't really imagine how they keep all the dojos in sync with the changes.