Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tis the season to miss out on karate

BBat50 hasn't been seen in class for awhile now. He won't be back in class until the new year. Back pains and paying the piper for coming back too soon and reinjuring my back. Here's my plan. Lots of ice packs for awhile. Plenty of bio freeze spray. Chiropractic adjustments weekly from Dr Kim. And massage two times per week from either Spatopia ($44 for 50 minutes!) or North Ridge Chiropractors.

No running or twisting or striking. I can swim, do the eliptical, and I'm supposed to start pilates. I can do situps and pushups and start stretching carefully.
keyboard try
Most importantly, I've ordered the King of Keyboard Trays to improve my ergonomic situation. I also considered another one keyboard tray that would attach to my chair. I did buy and install a keyboard tray from Office Dept which turned out to be too flimsy to use. But by the time that I had figured out that it was useless, the packaging had been thrown away. Poof, there goes $100.

How did I know that it was time to get serious about treatment? Well, one definite clue was the day after icepackThanksgiving when my hip and leg locked and I basically couldn't even walk without great pain.biofreeze

And so it goes. After a nice run of good health, I'm hobbled.
Everything has it's season.

More ergonomic, desk, and back problems. Uhg.


BSM said...

Dang hang in there!

My running days caused a disc herniation. The fix was a disectomy and cervical fusion. Despite being cleared to do "anything" my neck has never been the same.

Spending 8-10 hours at a computer only makes it worse. My neck pain also acts up due to work stress. Prior to Thanksgiving break I was in a lot of pain. Anyhow, it's cycled back into the "so-so" phase.

I really need to get back to meditation and I plan to start tai chi once a week in Jan.

We shall see.

Anyhow, hang in there! I've been through back and neck pain before. People don't realize how bad it sucks until you are the person who can barely get out of bed.

In time, this too shall pass...


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the biofreeze, chiropractor, ice packs, and massage. Old friends of mine. Small world, eh?

Anonymous said...

Biofreeze is awesome!

I learned the hard way after injuring my hammy that as much as it sucks to wait until its completely healed, going back to class prematurely ultimately just extends how long I end up being away from what I love due to re-injury.

Slop -n- Goulash: Dinner of Champions! said...

Wishing you luck getting yourself well and ready for the the new year - karate wise and otherwise...

Anonymous said...

Best of luck on your recovery!