Friday, November 21, 2008

Three kids in the program!

My middle child is now fully in the program, she tested this past week for her yellow belt. I now have three kids in the program (one is actually in the adult program).
Four of us in one family, is that a record? Do I get a share in the place?

And this week marks one years since I earned my blackbelt. If I could find a convenient time, I'd have everybody over for brunch again. You free this Sunday?
Also, it's three months since my current series of back problems. I intend to celebrate by making some decisions on new desk/ chair ergonomics which I'm convinced is the key to my problems. I'm also going to try some light running to get back in shape enough to come back to class sooooon.


Rich Holmes said...

Happy anniversary!

A woman at our dojo has three kids in the program -- a teenage daughter who's a high red (or just red?) belt and twin sons about 8 years old who are around green belt. Their mother finally joined up this year.

There's also a couple with two sons in the program, somewhere around red and purple I think. The parents both joined a few months ago.

Me, I have only one son, and a wife who isn't about to sign up anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Sunday sounds fine. What time?