Wednesday, May 21, 2008

XMA Chuck Form One

Katas are back. And weapons! This week we dusted off our chucks and learned the first of a new series of katas. The first one is XMA chuck form one.

XMA stands for eXtreme Martial Arts. XMA is a new blend of a wide range of martial arts with gymnastics and extreme performance-attitude mixed in.

There are (I hear) three XMA chuck forms, each building on the basic moves of the first. There are virtually no chuck spins in this kata which is frustrating to those of us who have been practicing and perfecting our chuck handling . (revised 8/09)

XMA Chuck Form One - I've presented this in a few sections.

Taisho: Kata
Taisho: XMA Chuck Form One.
Bow, punch down with the right while stepping out the right. Punch down left (so your hands are slighly crossed in front of your waist). Circle set while stepping back on the 45 on the right. Remember to give off some XMA attitude.

Section - Double strikes
Chucks up over your right shoulder, step out with the left foot into a reverse hard bow facing forward. From now though the end of the form, you always face forward.
Bring bow chucks down to your left side while switching to a regular hard bow.
Bring both chucks up over your left right shoulder and then, down to the right while switching into a regular hard bow.
Both chucks go around to your your left side.
Bring both chucks up to your shoulders, down between your legs, back up to your shoulders and then, while catching them, bring your left foot into a forward-facing cat-like stance.
Then double punch forward into a hard bow with left leg forward. Keaa.

Section - Kicks and Spins
From this hardbow do an axe kick with the right leg bringing it down right next to the left. Spin 360 to the left finishing with a left chop and right punch in a hard bow with left leg forward.
Right left front kick, 360 spin again, finishing in the hard bow but a double punch. Ahheasa.

Section - Chuck Work & Finish
Step forward into a horse stance and do a quick six count with the chucks. Up over the shoulder, down to the arm pits, shoulder, waist, shoulder, chamber. It's quick.

Shift to left hard bow, strike left with the right chuck. It does one rotation, no spinning. Then chamber.
Shift to right hard bow, strike right with left and chamber.
Face forward stepping forward with left. With both chucks, one outside rotation. and catch each chuck while X stance up with right foot in a boot check against the left.
Both hands down while stepping to shoulder length apart. Aheasa.
Soft bow left with right elbow onto left first. XMA.
Punch up in the air with the right. asaaa.
T set stepping right. Bow.

As always, this is the best effort, time permitting. If you see mistakes, correct me. Just like you would in class. Comments with refinements of details are good. I'll add them into the body, time permitting.

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Dani said...

What a great blog!!! Now, when I need a reference point, I know where to go!! Thanks!! and BB @ any age ROCKS!!!!!

Angie said...

Just found your blog, love it! I "grew up" in the LaVallee's system in NY, now in Florida I have my own dojo, teach the old forms I learned. I get to come down to NTC to train once a year (last wk of July), so having a reference place to review all the "new" forms really helps. Wish I found it sooner! Thanks!

BBat50 said...

Hi Angie, We've met a number of times when you were in Maui weekends. Glad you like it.