Friday, May 30, 2008

Getting back into top shape....Too fun to not prioritize

My vacation started today and for the first time in months, I made it to class with enough time to properly loosen up and stretch before class. In my case, this takes a full 30 minutes.

WOW, what a difference. I had almost forgotten the difference it makes to come to class stretched and ready to go. Now, I'm no slouch: I always make it about ten minutes early but ten minutes just isn't enough for me to get warmed up. Tonight, with a fully thirty minute warm up made a world difference. I could actually kick and move full speed without that nagging sense that I was on the verge of injury.

It reminded me also that it was just six months ago when I was coming to each class stretched and in great shape so that instead of having a tough time keeping up, I could be fully intense.

Also tonight, I watched the next promotion of black belts warm up and get started on their big sparing check. They were so vigorous and intense. I'm totally inspired. Time for me, after my two week vacation, to work my way back into full training shape. It's just so fun to be in top form and with a month or so of systematic workouts (daily stretching 2x, 4 runs/ week, 3 sets of 100 pushups and situps, and kicking), I could be in top shape again. Too fun to resist.

Of course, there's the matter of the other two week trip this summer. And the move. And my job. OK, it might have to wait until the September, but I will get back in top form this year.

Oh, did I mention that I'm not the only one at my school who blogs...Check out RunBlondieRun. She does a great job especially on tracking her training, her photos, and including her family. And speaking of being in top shape....


Colin Wee said...

You're an inspiration. I started a 'veterans' program last year for two gentlemen 50-60yo who had previously done martial arts many years ago. While they were apprehensive to start, I got them over the line by telling them that if I can't cater to their needs at present, it'll be my fault rather than theirs. Ultimately they came and practiced with me for about half a year. They just stopped a couple of weeks ago through a non-related injury and work schedule. But they had a blast. I certainly hope to continue my own training well into my old age.

Hope you can visit my own taekwondo blog.

Best training,


ziem said...

Do you mean to say that warm up and stretching is not a part of your regular class - since you say you do it before ? Im doing karate and kickboxing for 3 years now, my current club is the 3rd one (becaused I moved from one country to another) - in each of them warming up and streching was the first 30min of the class, techniques and sparrings came always after that.
as you say 10 min is not enough, and may cause you some injury at some point.

BBat50 said...

Our one hour classes start with about 15 minutes of warm-up and stretching (I think, I've never timed it). But, in the case of this "veteran" (thanks Colin), that's not enough. I need longer to get warm and stretched and limber. And, if I'm fully warmed up before the class, I could use the first part of the class to focus on the details and technique.

BSM said...

Ha! I had to chuckle. I'm 41 and just got my first dan in TKD. In many ways I think us "old folks" had a harder journey than people half our age.

A lot of discipline goes into my "behind the scenes" stretching. Aside from practice I stretch at least five times a week at home.

I hear you on the warm-ups especially where high kicks are concerned. I always get to class early so I can stretch longer.

Anyhow, keep training and good luck on your journey!

mason said...

No one over the age of 50 years should ever consider any form of martial art. The movements and exercises place the human spine under extreme stress. I did karate of almost two years but had to give up after suffering a severe slipped disc. my karate club didn't want to know me and completely ignored me. I complained to NAKMAS but all they did was pass a copy of my e-mail to my karate club who had the gall to send me an e-mail lambasting me for daring to suggest they didn't care. They didn't even have the decency to speak to me in person. My advice to anyone over the age of 50 years is to forget martial arts, try cycling, walking or swimming as you are at less risk of injuring yourself. Any article on your website extollling the benefits of martial arts is dangerous and irresponsible

Anonymous said...

Mason - I'm sorry for your bad experiences. I think it depends partially on having the right dojo. Mine treats us seniors well. And then, different bodies are ready for different things. I've found the martial arts to be great for me.