Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kama Set Two

Kama set two starts with a new move known as the Osborne.
Here's a performance of it by Mr. Daniel.

There's a few variations allowed on the kicks. More on that later...

Kama set 2 is a form that was created by Roland Osborne and is a creative form (not from TKD). He was originally a student under Jason David Frank (both are lineage of Red Dragon Karate) and now runs his own schools.

Thanks Mr Dan Walsh.


Anonymous said...

The kick near the end of this kata has changed. Originally, it was a half crescent kick which required a great deal of agility. Too much. It invited most of us to look clumbsy and some of us to injury.

It's been replaced with a simpler 180 kick.

You need a new video!
PS - thanks for all of these. They are soooo valuable and useful. I wouldn't get my belts without them.

BBat50 said...

This video sometimes loads well, sometimes doesn't. I'll try to repost it. In the meantime, it seems to work if you just reload the page. I don't know why. John