Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Black Belt Spectacular

black belt spectacular
The Black Belt Spectacular!!!

This week: many many rehearsals to get all the details right. On Wednesday, there was regular testing and we ran thru the routines at full pace. It seemed to go well.

I just received the online invite and it got me psyched. Also, my name is on the Tshirt!!! This is a big thrill (according to Agnes, the biggest thrill and she says that she'll be giving them to everyone on her Christmas list this year)

The invite has great picture of Melissa and Jennifer.

This spectacular is a little different from previous ones in that we're a much larger group. So there's less individual creative kumites. There are 36 people getting their black belt or receiving an additional dan (stripe or level on their black belt). Leading the pack:
- Steve Lavallee - 4th Degree
- Mr. Mike, Jennifer, & Mr L getting their 3rd degreesothers because there are so so many of us.

To get tickets, go to ticketron.

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Anonymous said...

BBat 50? Sounds good! Like the pictures....