Thursday, June 07, 2007

Three Count Kicking

While not a true full form kata, three count kicking fits somewhere in the curriculum for intermediates (blue-green-brown-red-high red). It's a great drill: the hard parts are getting the details right of the stances, the spinning hook kicks, and the high energy intensity of it.

Ready. Ready Stance.
One: Front kick, downward block in a horse stance, right cross punch into a hard bow, knife-edge stance (hand across chest and out front) in a horse stance.
Two: Front right kick, 360 spinning kick finishing with mild horsestance, right hand in upward block, left hand extended out with palm sideways.
Three: Two 360 spinning kicks finishing with another 180 and upwards back kick (on knees, hands down, looking over shoulder)
Position: position.

Notes - note sponsorship of 2nd grade & second grade!

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