Sunday, November 19, 2017

Father Son Boxing

I've been pretty healthy as of late so I thought I'd take a chance and see if I can hang with my 18 year old son in a few low key sparing matches. Not pretty but here it is....

The great news is that I help up OK for three, four, or five rounds (I guess I did get a little fuzzy)   and I COULD WALK THE NEXT DAY (after some icing and time in the jacuzzi. and a massage)...  OK, now here it is...


Anybody notice how fast he is?  Good technique. And he stayed away from knocking off his father's noggin which I really appreciated.  This is what I looked like between rounds (while he was doing extra push ups):

John Edelson between rounds
John Edelson between rounds

 Round 3

Round 5

Where were we? We were at Ace's new gym just off Commercial, just west of Powerline. She opened it a few weeks ago. I highly recommend it for fitness, boxing skills, some time in the ring (she should get the ring installed in the next few weeks and will get the place expanded as the other tenant gives up space), and camaraderie.